Biology Teaching - Biological Sciences

Biology Teaching - Biological Sciences

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Biology Teaching: Importance for Understanding Life

Biology Teaching

The discipline of Biology is present in the curricula of elementary and high schools in Brazil. It is an extremely important discipline, as it is directly related to scientific knowledge that help in understanding life.

Importance and objectives of Biology Teaching:

- Teach scientific concepts important for understanding life;

- Know the characteristics of the environment and its importance for the maintenance of life on Earth;

- Offer notions of hygiene to enable a better quality life;

- Expand knowledge about the functioning of the human body;

- Provide critical debate on current scientific theories;

- Provide basic information about diseases, their forms of contagion, symptoms and treatment and cure procedures;

- In the health area, work with the topics related to healthy eating and the consequences of licit and illicit drug use;

- Raise awareness of the importance of sustainable development for the healthy maintenance of planet Earth.