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Bibliographic indication for the study of Cytology

Bibliography (indication of books on cytology):

Atlas of Histology, Cytology, Histology and Microscopic AnatomyAuthor: Sobotta, Johannes
Publisher: Guanabara Koogan

Dog and Cat Cytology AtlasAuthor: Raskin, Rose E .; Meyer, Denny J.
Publisher: Roca

Biology - Module 2 - Cytology - 2 DegreeAuthor: Laurence
Publisher: New Generation

Basics of Gynecological CytologyAuthor: Eleutério Jr., José
Publisher: Santos

Cell Molecular BiologyAuthor: Alberts, Bruce
Publisher: Artmed

Cell Biology Volume 1Author: Amabis / Martho
Publisher: Moderna

Cells - Stem - What Are They? What are worth for ?Author: Rehen, Stevens; Paulsen, Bruna
Publisher: Vieira and Lent

Stem Cells - Expert ViewAuthor: Pasqualotto, Fabio Firmbach
Publisher: Educs

Blood Cells - A Practical GuideAuthor: Bain, Barbara J
Publisher: Artmed

The cellAuthor: Carvalho, Hernandes F.
Publisher: Manole

Molecular Cell BiologyAuthor: Others; Albert Bruce
Publisher: Artmed

Atlas of Veterinary CytologyAuthor: Correia, Jorge
Publisher: Lidel

The Cell - A Molecular ApproachAuthor: Cooper, Geoffrey M .; Hausman, Robert E.
Publisher: Artmed